We provide SFTP access for most of our game servers. The level of access differs from game to game, but most of the time you can access all the logs and settings files via SFTP.

Your SFTP details are as follows:

Host: The IP of your server, this is shown in your game panel. Do not include the port which looks something like this: 27015 or 7010
Username: Your gamepanel username (that you use to log into https://gamepanel.gghost.games )
Password: Your gamepanel password (that you use to log into https://gamepanel.gghost.games )
Port: 8822 (SFTP)

You can use an FTP/SFTP client like Filezilla (client) or WinSCP to test the connection.


The above settings are also what you would use in a game bot that requires SFTP details.


If you are having issues connecting via SFTP, you can use our SFTP Tester to see if the SFTP service is working: https://ggsftptest.gghost.games/

If it works with this tool, then there aren't any issues on the server side. 

If the test fails, you can copy the logs and send it to us in a support ticket to have a look.

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