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About Renown

Renown takes the most enjoyable and popular aspects from contemporary open-world survival games which include Building, Progression and Social Politics. These are then combined with close quarters, skill-based combat to create an immersive and engaging multiplayer experience. 

The combat system functions with a set of easy to learn, hard to master fighting mechanics. The system is also built so that it is very easy to understand, allowing new players to easily learn the basics. As players become comfortable with the system, their developing level of skill becomes a major source of enjoyment.

The building system uses an easy-to-understand and deploy method. This allows for greater depth when creating both small and large castle or village-type structures. From a small house with only a door, players expand into fully customized castles, creating structures truly unique to the person's ability and experience.

The raiding system represents the pivotal activity that all types of players can undertake in-game. What’s the point in building a great castle if you can’t level someone else's to the ground. In a way the players are always in an “Arms Race” to see who can build the strongest, smartest, and most awe-inspiring structures. We want to provide you with just as awe-inspiring weapons, siege engines and all the utilities required for an ongoing medieval war. 



Key Game Features:
  • Fast-paced medieval survival with a strong emphasis on melee combat. 
  • From building humble farms to huge fortresses, the choice is with the player. 
  • A focus on horses, carts, and cavalry warfare. 
  • Custom armor system that deflects ranged attacks. 
  • Group systems for making Claims, taking titles, giving ranks and more.
  • Server Progression and Wipe systems, for an engaging and vastly replayable experience. 
  • Tools for Community Hosts to help tailor their servers. Future plans for extensive moddability.
  • Functioning Combat Alpha waiting for players

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  • Renown Server Rental
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