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About Sons of the Forest

"Sons of the Forest" is a highly anticipated survival horror game set on a deserted island infested with cannibals. Players are tasked with finding a lost billionaire while trying to survive in this hostile environment. The release date for the game was originally scheduled for May 2022, but developer Endnight Games has announced that this deadline was "overly ambitious" and the game will now be released in late 2022.

In this open-world game, players are free to explore the island and take on the challenges of survival in any way they choose. They must gather materials, build shelters, and defend themselves against a variety of deformed creatures that roam the island. The game also features seasonal change, allowing players to fish in the streams during the spring and summer, and stock up on beef for the winter months.

Players can choose to play "Sons of the Forest" solo or with a group of friends, working together to gather materials and build defenses. It is recommended that any exploration of the island, above or below ground, is done with a backup team to increase the chances of survival.

If you're a fan of survival horror games, be sure to check out "Sons of the Forest" when it is released in late 2022. And for the best gaming experience, don't forget to get the best server hosting from GG Host.

Sons of the Forest

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