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The Day Before is a highly-anticipated MMO open-world survival game developed by Fntastic, set in the abandoned cityscape of New York. Players are tasked with scavenging for food, weapons, and resources to survive against infected enemies and other survivors. The Day Before's environment is a mix of abandoned New York City and a forest, with a major highlight being a fully explorable, five-story shopping mall. The Day Before features a third-person perspective and gameplay similar to that of the popular title, The Last of Us.

Players have the option to make friends or enemies in The Day Before, as it features in-game voice communication. However, players should always be aware of ruthless players who may shoot on sight. In addition, players must also be mindful of their character's in-game weight, as it correlates to how loud they are while looting.

To increase their chances of survival, players have the option to join a colony, where they can meet up with other players, interact with them, and band together. Safe-zone hubs, where players can trade or sell loot to other players or NPCs, will also be available. NPCs at these locations are said to give out quests for in-game loot, which may function similarly to the questing in the hardcore mil-sim Escape from Tarkov.

Players have the choice to play solo or in a group, and can even be a nomad in the wilderness with their own little hut. The Day Before includes base-building, vehicles, and the option to get stuck in muddy terrain if the vehicle is properly equipped. However, vehicles can also be a liability in terms of noise. Developers have mentioned that classic resource-based base-building is not what they're aiming for, so it will likely differ from other popular survival games like Rust or Ark: Survival Evolved.

When it comes to online gaming, having your own private server can be a game-changer. With a private server, you have complete control over the gameplay, settings, and players. This is especially true when it comes to The Day Before, a survival game that requires a high level of performance and speed.

Our The Day Before servers are equipped with ultra-performance hardware, including the latest M.2 NVMe SSDs as a standard. These SSDs ensure the smoothest gameplay possible, with lightning-fast load times and minimal lag.

Additionally, having your own private server allows you to play with a select group of friends in a private world, where you can create your own rules and experiences. This is perfect for those who want to play with a specific group of people, or for those who want to create custom game modes or events.

In summary, renting a private The Day Before server from us guarantees the best performance and a customized gaming experience that you can enjoy with your friends.

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