Changing AI Spawn Rates

To edit/change the loot and/or spawn rates on your server, you need to edit the types.xml file.
This file can be found in the \mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\db\' or \mpmissions\dayzOffline.enoch\db\folder. (Depending on the map you are playing on)

Manual Edit

You can Find the types.xml in the configuration files as a text editor for both the standard map and the DLC.
- The other option is to download the file to your local PC and use your favorite editor to edit the file, then upload it back to your server.

This is an example:

   <type name="Ammo_12gaPellets">
        <flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="0" deloot="0"/>
        <category name="weapons"/>
        <usage name="Police"/>
        <usage name="Farm"/>
        <usage name="Town"/>
        <usage name="Village"/>
        <usage name="Hunting"/>
        <value name="Tier1"/>
        <value name="Tier2"/>
        <value name="Tier3"/>


Element CollapseDescription
Name Class Name of Item to Spawn
Nominal Number of items spawned in the world at any given time. (Ideal Value) Must be more or equal to min value
  • Be Carefull changing this number. Too many will bring your server to its knees
Lifetime Time (In Seconds) before this type of items gets deleted in the world (If no players interact with it)
  • lifetime 604800 (seven days) , 3888000 (45 days)
Restock If Value=0, Respawn item type in bulk to reach Nominal Value, If !=0, then Value=Time in seconds to respawn 1 additional item type, until Nominal Value is reached.
Min Minimum number of items of this type in world, Once number falls below minimum, the Restock process begins. (must be less or equal to nominal value)
QuantMin Minimum % Value for quantity (Rags #, Mag Ammo Value, Ammo Counts), Use -1 if Not Applicable. (less or equal to quantmax value) See note below
QuantMax Maximum % Value for quantity (Rags #, Mag Ammo Value, Ammo Counts), Use -1 if Not Applicable. (more or equal to quantmin value) See note below
Cost Priority of Item Spawning in CE queue (100 is default)
Flags flags directs the spawner, in what case is must take min and nominal values in to consideration for every item counting for spawning:
  • count_in_cargo - Count items stored in containers as part of Nominal Value (0=False, 1=True)
  • count_in_hoarder - tents, barrels, undeground stashes (0=False, 1=True)
  • count_in_map - Count items in map as part of Nominal Value (0=False, 1=True)
  • count_in_player - Count items stored in Player Inventory as part of Nominal Value (0=False, 1=True)
  • crafted - Is the item a crafted item (0=False, 1=True)
  • deloot - dynamic event loot objects - helicrashes in majority of cases only by default
Category Name Useful for sorting, Internal Category
Tag Name (optional) MUST be AFTER the category
Usage Name (optional) Internal Category used in the mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\cfgRandomPresets.xml file.
Value Name (optional) Used to specify Central Loot Economy Spawning Locations 
  • Note: MUST BE be -1 for all normal items types OR from 0 to 100 (value in percents) for items that could have something inside (subclass inside the item),
    For example for bullets inside weapon mags, water bottle, canteen, can of soda..
    Note: you cannot set quantmin 20 quanmax -1 it will break things!!

Possible options for:

Category Tag Usage CollapseValue
clothes shelves Coast Tier1
containers floor Farm Tier2
explosives   Firefighter Tier3
food   Hunting Tier4
tools   Industrial  
weapons   Medic  
vehiclesparts   Military  
  • If using any of the info in the above table, it is CASE SENSITIVE

You can also use to edit your types.xml file. 

  1. Download your types.xml file using the File Explorer.
  2. Navigate to then drag & drop the types.xml file into the webpage.
  3. Find the item you wish to modify the values of and make your changes, then save and download the updated file.
  4. Upload the modified types.xml file replacing the old one.
  5. Restart your server.
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