With this functionality, you can create "Named Sets" for your ServerSettings.ini file. Here is how:

Please note, these features are new and experimental! Restart your server before you start testing it, to make sure a backup is made first!

  1. Start by Creating a new named set from your current settings.
  2. Then, edit your ServerSettings.ini from the in-game Server Settings editor as you normally would.
  3. Once you've made some edits, back in the Game Panel again save a new named set with a new unique name.
  4. Now you can set an Active Named Set, which will replace the ServerSettings.ini contents with that which is contained in the Named Set.

SCUM ServerSettinigs.ini - Schedule Settings 2


You can also schedule Named Set to be replaced at certain times/dates:

1. Using the normal Scheduled Tasks Functionality, select "ServerSettings - Select Active Set" as the task type, then click "New".

2. Specify the Task Name and Schedule, and then select the Script Parameters tab at the top.

3. Select the Named Set to be activated at the scheduled time.

4. Some SCUM settings require a restart to take effect, so best would be to schedule a Named Set change 5 minutes before a restart.


To delete a Named Set:

Go to "**ServerSettings - Delete Set**", and select the set to be deleted, then click "**Execute**"

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