SCUM Server Admin

In order to execute admin commands in-game on SCUM, a user needs admin access. To give a player in-game admin access, their Steam64 ID needs to be added to the AdminUsers.ini file. 

Get Steam64 ID:

A user's Steam64 ID can be retrieved from the login.log file, if they have accessed the SCUM Server before. Alternatively, it can be searched for on the website.


For each user that needs to be added as an in-game SCUM server admin, create a new line in the AdminUsers.ini file. See example below. 

God Mode:

God mode gives an admin player the ability to instantly create buildable structures, without the need to fill blueprints with components. In order to give a user God Mode access, place [godmode] next to their Steam64 ID in the AdminUser.ini file. See example image above.


In order to get access to the new in-game admin menu, you also need to add your Steam64 ID to the ServerSettingsAdminUsers.ini file. Do not add anything else, such as [godmode], as this will cause the file not to read your ID. ONLY add the Steam64 IDs, one per line.

Once saved, restart your server. The next time you join the server, if you press Escape on your keyboard, you will see the Server Settings menu listed.


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