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About Rooted

Rooted is a post-apocalyptic survival game. Near the year 2100. You are one of the few survivors. You must progress and adapt through the ruins of the past civilization that collapsed due to global bacteriological warfare.

Over the years, nature has somehow managed to make some areas safe, even taking back terrain and cleaning residue of the devastating bacterial weapons. Urban areas however are less fortunate. You will get in trouble if you go there without protection. You have been warned!

To develop your camp and improve your living conditions, you must explore - alone or with your friends, to collect scraps and objects, restore items, or even create new ones that you will learn to craft along the way. Watch your surroundings. It won’t be easy, as the danger has many faces.

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  • Rooted Server Rental
  • Ultra-performance server (no need to pay extra for the best performance)
  • 10GB of RAM Free!
  • M.2 NVMe SSDs as a standard
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    • Connectivity - 1Gbps is standard on our game servers.
    • Server auto-updates when new patches and hotfixes release.
    • SFTP - Get technical with config and log files via SFTP.

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